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Valentines Day is the perfect day to celebrate your loved ones.

We are in the business of flowers and will have a plethora of roses in store for Valentines Day.  Our florists are busy right now making plans for Valentines Day 2021. We know how important this day can be to people and we always work extra hard to bring you the best and freshest flowers for this day.

Our top picks for Valentines Day

  1. Roses – classic, classy, timeless and we have beautiful roses grown locally which means the freshest flowers possible;
  2. Lillies – these gorgeous flowers last a really long time and honestly make any room look amazing, everyone loves lillies!
  3. Sunflowers – so big and bright and just scream “I LOVE YOU” ! They are like a ray of sunshine and we know that they make many people smile.
  4. Natives – Our stunning range of native flowers always look beautiful and suits a wide range of people with different tastes.

The ladies at Buderim Floral Art will be more than happy to help organise flowers for your loved ones on 14th February 2021!

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